Save Fuel on the Road

“Who Else Wants To get more miles per gallon ?”

Dear Motorist

If you are interested in getting more distance, or shall we say more miles

on the speedo between fuel stops … then this is going to be the most

exciting message you ever read.

Here’s why:

There is an amazing new magnetic device called, fuel
saver.” It is so simple it is beautiful. By simply
fitting it to your cars fuel pipe. And I mean simply. It can be fitted without
the use of tools. This amazing device can produce fuel saving benefits for you
tank full after tank full.

Imagine being able to spend less of your hard earned cash on
rip off petrol prices. Wouldn’t that be great?

Or what about if you could get your car to go more miles for
every gallon you buy . How would that feel if you could achieve this?

Imagine being able to implement such basic steps and fit
a simple device to your cars fuel line and save yourself

money on your fuel bills time again. It truly is
possible, but you need to know how.

That’s what I am about to explain to you.

fuel saver save fuel

save fuel
diesel or petrol


The power of a magnet

Magnets have been used in health care as far back as Cleopatra who wore
jewellery charged with magnetism. medical research has shown that magnets can
improve vascular circulation.

When we and our loved ones have unknown undiagnosed medical problems the
physician will order a body scan and have a closer look at our body tissue.
Technology not available twenty years ago. But it is the power of a super magnet
that lines all the molecules up in the body in a specific fashion that enables
an image to be captured. Truly amazing !

Now we are harnessing the benefits of magnets to improve fuel economy,
Powered by two super conductors which consist of high energy Neodymium Magnets.
The magnets used generate a specific resonance frequency that when placed over a
fuel line will penetrate the carbon chain. When passing through the fuel line
this creates the opportunity for the carbon to mix more evenly with the oxygen
molecules allowing a more even burn of the fuel.

If you burn more you save more

How to improve your cars economy by fitting a simple device to the fuel line.

Improved fuel consumption by up to 27% best results achieved by correctly
serviced engines

Breaks cluster molecules apart allowing for more complete combustion to take place

Virtually eliminates carbon build up in the engine

How to fit this device to your fuel line in minutes and reap the benefits of not
buying as much expensive gas

Works on petrol or diesel

Engine runs smoother

Self analyze results for your own satisfaction

Snap on installation and secured with a simple cable tie

Your secret weapon for the fight against ever spiralling fuel prices

Look at the results posted from these two cars.


Ford Mondeo
Before 11.4 Gallons used for 285 miles 25 mpg
After 483.2 miles on 13.78 gal 33 mpg
Saving 8 mpg












Mitsubishi Pajero
Before 225km on 34.16 ltr 6.58 L/k
7.5 gal on 139 miles 18.5 mpg
After 562km on 72.13 ltr 7.79 L/k
15.8 gal on 349 miles 22 mpg
Saving 1.21 L/K








Which is why fuel saveris such a bargain at £39.97

That’s right, a fraction of what it’s really worth.

£39.97 is a drop in the ocean compared to what
you can save on fuel. With the price of gas as it is and lets face it it isnt
going to get cheaper, The world consumes more fossil fuels than it can provide.
How long will it be before we run out. But watch the price rise like crazy as
time goes on. You could save the cost after just three fill ups

FREE BONUS #1: fuel saving tips for the

This amazing bonus is all about other strategies you can employ to make
further savings on your fuel consumption.

You’ll discover:

How changing your driving style to make fuel savings. Simple but so effective.

How to employ essential maintenance that has a direct effect on the efficiency
of your car

If you are thinking of buying a new car. How would you like the latest
information about fuel saving features that are fitted to the show room models
of today. invaluable information enabling you to make the best choice of new car.

Simply grab your “fuel saver” right now, and and
start saving:


plus £3.00 for postage and handling plus additional cost outside the uk.

Even if you are for some reason undecided about the benefits of this fuel
saving device and are not ready to purchase just yet I would like you to have my
free report “The Motorists fuel saving strategy” with my complements. on fuel
saving tips I’ll throw in:


For a mere £39.97

you’re getting the savings you need . So add to cart now !

uk customers add £3.00 for postage and handling

Wishing you great success.


A motorists friend

P.S. Don’t forget, you’re getting a fuel saving device that could pay
for itself within months of purchase. All the information you need to get you
started in altering your driving style for maximum economy. coupled with a cute
device that on its own can produce fuel saving benefits for you. time after
time.. So if that’s what you want to do, this is the opportunity you’ve been
waiting for.

Saving fuel

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